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schools don't have to worry about that. we have rocket ship academy in san jose and palo alto and those kids are doing well. they don't follow all that. >> and school systems can invite you to leave, also. >> right. they don't have to follow it, necessarily, but they don't have to maintain the rules and regulations. >> all right. the second one is respect. we know what that means. let's move on to i for independence. >> yes. independence is key to the whole thing and that is one of the reasons i am working with kids have the independence to work on projects and get recognized for what they are doing. >> what would be -- again, i hate to pick on charlemagne, but what would be a cutelittle project they could do? >> my kids did a project yesterday. i took them to downtown palo alto to eat in restaurants and they have to write a restaurant review now. they could get a class badge for the review. >> this is journalism? >> this happen to be an english class. they need to write something other than essay that is respond to literature. >> do all kids need to read the same b
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1